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Guide for Leveling 20-40 in Fiesta

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This is about Leveling 20-40 in Fiesta Guide . Maybe you have found this article is from the forum . we collect this guide there . Credits to the original author. I think after you read this article , You will find it is important for you to level , so just take few minutes to have a look , begin :

1. Levels 20-30

These are best done in the lv 20 abyss up to about lv 28. Mage / Cleric is a good duo , and archer/ cleric also is good duo . Fighters can solo well enough. This is your aoe training , sort of. If you get to about 27-29 and are tired of abyss , do some quick quests , but save some of them for turning in all at once . It can easily pop you from 26 or 27 into 29 or 30 , and into the next level group .

2. Levels 30-40

When you hit level 30 , do all of your remaining level 20-29 quests . You should have been picking them up as you level ld . At least they should easily get you to level 32 . When you hit level 32 , do your 30-32 quests to hit level 33 . When you hit level 32 or level 33 , there is a quest from the Title Merchant . Do it . The second part is a leveling quest , that will level you completely . When you turn in the quest , make sure you are at 0% , because it gives you 99% of the level , and when you level, you cann't pick it back up . So get to 99% , pick it back up , and go complete it again . By killing the stuff to do it , you will level again . Turn it in to level again !

Whatever level you are now, you are definitely 33+ . You can do Robo . Pick up the quest from Shutian , and spam the crud outta the quest . Try hard to Win it , because the exp from it to a level 33 to level 39 is much more then 40-46 . Between KQs , do your quests . If you have problems ask your Academy for help ! On Boss quests. You should easily hit 40 .

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